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Introducing FK LiveLabsTM: Agile Market Research Solutions for Building Better Brands

We’re excited to announce a significant extension to FK LiveLabsTM, with a focus on qualitative and quantitative agile market research solutions designed to build better brands.
with a focus on qualitative and quantitative agile market research solutions designed to build better brands.

As brand strategists and innovators, we know that cutting-edge research is an essential competitive advantage in building stand-out brands. We weren’t satisfied with the market research options out there, so we created our own agile research tools that are proven to be faster, smarter, and simply better:

  • Faster solutions for brands that want to stay out ahead of rapidly moving marketplaces
  • Smarter solutions that dig beyond the “what” and work to uncover the “why” that informs important strategic brand decisions
  • A better approach that provides actionable next steps needed to build successful brands

Our agile research is designed by marketing experts who understand what brands need to know in order to stand up, stand out and win.

FK LiveLabs’ agile market research tools have been designed to solve the problems we – and our clients – were encountering with existing market research. Here are a few highlights:


Rapid Concept Testing and Optimization

Problem:  Most concept screeners evaluate concepts, providing a “thumbs up – thumbs down” decision based on the assumption that concepts have already been optimized – when, in fact, they very often haven’t.

FK Agile Research Solution:  Our concept testing tools are designed for building concepts, providing the data needed to optimize them before that crucial “thumbs up – thumbs down” evaluation.  Through Conjoint and Discrete Choice analytics, for example, we leverage a UX-Centric Design.  Our interactive, customized stimulus emotionally engages respondents, prompting build-oriented design thinking, discovery and collaboration.  Intuitive interfaces invite the truthful consumer responses and insights needed to craft concepts that score big in evaluative concept screening – and, most importantly, in the market.


Brand Equity Tracking 

Problem:  Brand equity tracking tools typically require a big, expensive, long-term commitment – and extended time to see how attributes are trending.

FK Agile Research Solution:  Our brand tracking tools specialize in flexibility.  Instead of assessing a brand’s health ongoing, quarter after quarter, they can be used for a custom-tailored time period – or even as a one-time-only “quick dip” for a strategic check-in on a brand’s health.  Further, the metrics are not rigidly standardized, but can be completely customized based on the issues rocking a category or brand.  We provide high quality brand health diagnostics on an as-needed, when-needed, how-needed basis.


Attitudinal and Ascribed Segmentation

Problem:  Attitudinal segmentations provide the emotional richness brands need to engage and build relationships with consumers – but not the behavioral data to target, find and reach those highly desirable consumers.

FK Agile Research Solution:  Our segmentations marry attitudes with a range of segment-specific behaviors – so brands get both a deep understanding of their consumers and, critically, the ability to find, reach and engage those consumers.  By understanding how and where to reach them, brands get an invaluable window into their lives – influencers they’re following, feeds they’re scrolling through, storefronts where they’re shopping.  Because brands can easily find their target segments, they get continuous segment learning, not just a one-off segmentation study with static segment profiles.


Dedication to Best-In-Class Principles

A significant component of the extension of FK LiveLabsTM is the addition of quantitative analytics to our suite of market research tools. These quantitative methods strictly adhere to the same principles that underlie the qualitative research for which Fletcher Knight has always been known:

  • Relentlessly consumer-centric: We start by finding prime members of your brand’s target audience, who are expressive, forward-thinking, and strategically valuable. We immerse recruits in exercises that are engaging and truth-telling.
  • Inspired solutions: We focus on how the data will inform brand teams and drive strategy. We provide interpretation of the output and data that’s in context and meaningful for the brand — not just a readout of numbers.
  • Respect for consumer privacy: Recognizing that we are collecting sensitive information from consumers, we are dedicated to data-security. We adhere to established privacy and reporting protocols aligned with the Marketing Research Association’s (MRA) Code, ESOMAR, and GDPR.
  • Rigorous in quality: We place high value on our client relationships and brand building efforts, which means our data is of the utmost quality.


To learn more about FK LiveLabsTM, please contact, or visit us on the web at

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