Mastering the Digital Landscape to Win in Beauty

FK tuned into The WWD Digital Beauty Forum 2022 to discuss the digital transformation in beauty.


As with all industries, beauty’s digital transformation has been accelerated by the pandemic, making mastering the digital landscape even more essential to staying competitive.


Here are our key takeaways of what’s happening in digital beauty and how brands can win in 2022:


1. Today, brands need to engage more deeply and multiply connections with consumers.

It is no longer enough to tailor product recommendations; brands need to personalize the entire brand experience including support & content. The Inkey List does a great job of this with their MyInkey service that matches members with a skincare coach who tracks their products, knowledge and progress.


2. Brands must meet consumers & influencers where they are to create authentic connections.

Brands must be accessible on all social platforms, showing up in a way that is authentic to each.  On TikTok, for example, creative partnerships are more successful with smaller creators that have the potential to go viral (and are given the space to be creative) versus sponsored partnerships with creators that have large followings.


3. Brands are running livestream videos to connect with consumers in real-time, building knowledge while driving sales.

Dermalogica has been hosting livestreams with influencers to introduce new products. And there are lessons to be learned from the China marketplace where livestreaming is a major revenue generator.


4. The digital worlds of the Metaverse are driving the gamification of content delivery, encouraging consumers to discover and explore.

In P&G’s BeautySPHERE, consumers explore what social responsibility means to P&G.


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