Gen Z Consumers: The Influencer Generation

Gen Z Consumers: The Influencer Generation

Be prepared for the new ways that the next generation will influence your brand.

Are you ready to listen to this Influencer Generation?

The first members of Gen Z, the generation behind the well-documented Millennials, are now in their teen years, facing a world that stretches the imagination of their elders. As the newly emerging generation, their unique impact is already being felt by brands in a host of categories from cars to mobile phones, to deodorant and gum.

Our recent research with hundreds of Gen Zers confirms that these young people operate as savvy, mini-adults with influence that goes far beyond typical kids’ products.  A preteen, for instance, sometimes knows more than his Mom about the nutritional value of the family’s favorite snacks.  A high schooler might challenge her Dad about how green their new car should be.

We also discovered that Gen Z — despite their youth — has a better knack than previous generations for grasping contradictory possibilities and effortlessly straddling opposing forces.

In short, Gen Z is becoming the most sophisticated generation of brand influencers ever. Here are some of the fundamental changes in behaviors and attitudes that will shape how they will influence your brand strategy.

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In our studies we have been both inspired and amazed by sharp, sophisticated and knowledgeable Gen-Zers who haven’t lost their innocence. To plan how and when to let your brand be influenced by this generation, you’ll a need consumer insights strategy that develops real creative solutions, not just blasé observations and insights. Why? Because this will allow you to get beyond passive collaboration, and be positively influenced, by a generation that was born to influence.

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