Some Consumer Segmentation solutions are more insightful than others


We’re qualitative and quantitative segmentation specialists, dissecting how consumers interact with their world and your category to create segments. A consumer segmentation should be multi-faceted, just as your consumers really are. We uncover consumer psychographic mindsets that go beyond the core category attitudes to insightful aspirations, desires, behaviors and beliefs that underlie interactions with your category. The result: forward-looking consumer segmentations that delve deeply beneath the surface — and unearth actionable, inspired solutions.

  • Qualitative Segmentation
  • Quantitative Segmentation
  • Aspirational Image-Based Segmentation
  • Global Segmentation
  • Attitudinal Segmentation
  • Occasion-Based Segmentation
  • Mindset & Persona Development
  • Professional Segmentation
  • Consumer & Customer Target
  • Portfolio Optimization
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